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The Art Form of Touch and Movement  
Authentic European Stress-Release Facial Treatment is an especially intricate style of facial treatment which results in an intense sense of serenity, providing facial massage clients with a profound sensation of deep peace and tranquility.

Personalized 'Facial Fitness' in the Comfort of Your Home
Quite often people have a lot of stress built up in their face, neck and head muscle areas. For this reason, the European facial treatment is growing in popularity among stressed, overworked individuals but is also a luxurious massage for the care of your skin.

Touch is everything in this facial treatment
European facial treatment techniques include, facial cleansing and exfoliation, and moisturizers, but the benefits truly come from the systematic routine of light-pressure strokes and symmetrical circle movements, much like a beautiful ballet that uniquely works to relax the facial muscles. This light touch is critically important during a European facial treatment, because it relaxes the face for a more youthful appearance.

The European Facial Treatment Technique
Varying pressure strokes are used on different areas of the face during a European facial massage treatment. Applying light pressure to the chin and neck helps to relieve tension in those areas with a slightly firmer touch when working around the hollows of the eyes in order to help relax the eye muscles.

Applying circular strokes helps counteract gravity's effect on sagging skin. Upward, circular massage strokes help to move the facial muscles up, preventing them from sinking further. The circular strokes are performed symmetrically on both sides of the face. The European 'touch technique' facial treatment accelerates your skins natural cell renewal and restores its radiance for optimum skin health. 

“Our hands are a gift. Through them, we can channel the love in our hearts to relieve the suffering of those around us.”  Richard Gordan, author of "Your Healing Hands"


It is the 'moments of peace' you always promise yourself!
Penelope F.

A European Facial Massage treatment by Suzanne Boehm is like going to a symphony (without the music)!
Gloria V. of Paris, France

It's the only delicious thing I know of that doesn't add calories!
Mary B. of Rancho Santa Fe

A European Facial treatment by Suzanne is nothing short of spectacular!
Donna B. Washington, D.C.

A  true "gift of healing" you'll want to experience, again and again.
Linda P.

It's like being in the 'twilight zone".
John H.

It's truly like getting a week of vacation in an hour!
Gerald S.

The authentic European Facial treatment given by Suzanne is a luxury of tenderness and pleasure that is unequaled. I highly recommend this healing touch to everyone... and Suzanne's vast experience and delightful personality completes the experience perfectly.
Barbara Castleman, San Diego and Maui



Suzanne Boehm

(760) 331-7233

Gift Certificates for European Facial Treatments are great for:
  • family

  • friends
  • co-workers
  • employees
  • bosses
  • Board Members
  • Retirees
  • pool parties
  • raffle prizes
  • bridge partners
  • bridal parties
  • club members
  • and more!


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Benefits of European Facial Treatments:
  • Strong feeling of serene energy

  • Sense of internal harmony
  • Optimal achievement of facial fitness
  • Accelerates skin's natural cell renewal
  • Remolds loose facial skin contours
  • Restores skin's elasticity and radiance
  • Balances mind, body and soul
  • Alleviates anxiety

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