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Suzanne Boehm - International Esthetician
Suzanne learned the European Stress-Release Facial Massage Treatment form in Belgium, Germany, France and England. At age 23, Suzanne became the owner of a full-service spa in Belgium and managed the spa for 20 years before moving back to the USA.

Suzanne's Spa in Belgium provided services for women and men  including a hair salon, medical pedicures, facials and skincare, whirlpools treatments, and different types of special body massage such as lymphatic drainage massage often used after plastic surgery or breast implants. (Suzanne engaged in studies and acquired this technique at the University of Lueven, Belgium for this specialized service.)

Suzanne's Spa also provided services to many of the royalty of Belgium and Holland, as well as clients from England and many other European countries. Suzanne still has international clients from France and Belgium who stop in San Diego on their way to Hawaii, to again enjoy Suzanne’s specialized style of facial treatment.

I love the Art Form of 'Touch and Movement'
“When I came to California, and went to the local establishments to get a European Stress-Release Facial, I kept receiving just a "Facial" from them. These facials had no resemblance to the facial style done in Europe. The "Touch Technique" just wasn't there. That's when it dawned on me that I was "authentically" from Europe and had trained, learned and worked there for 20 years, so, I decided to work privately by personal appointment.

I have provided European Stress-Release Facial Massage Treatments all over the United States. Along with the general public, I’ve provided this specialized European facial treatment to the rich and famous, noted dignitaries, and political celebrities. I am always delighted with the fact that most of my clients have been with me for many years (some more than 30 years). I love hearing of my new clients surprise that my European Stress-Release Facial Massage Treatments are so much more than a "run-of-the-mill" facial."

Credentials: Pierre Alexander, England; Noel De Ridder, Belgium; Vidal Sassoon, England; Junge & Michaelis, Germany and licensed in California.

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